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Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's more fun in the Philippines

Take a look at the new DOT logo and slogan to promote the Philippines to the world. This new branding will be the message of the country on tv infomercials abroad, local tourism campaigns and efforts aim to  encourage and entice more and more visitors to come to the country and experience the warmth and hospitality of the Filipino and yessss, to have fun and adventure in exploring our exotic beautiful islands.

What’s your take in the new DOT slogan?  Do you like it?
After months of brainstorming, the Department of Tourism just launched their new campaign slogan for 2012: " It's more fun in the Philippines"

Tourism secretary Jimenez describes the slogan as something truly unique.

"What differentiates the Philippines from every [other place] in the world, as we said from the start, is the Filipino. [It's] his special gift for transforming what is already a beautiful place into an unforgettable special place," Jimenez said. "You take two identical islands, put Filipinos in one, it’s going to be more fun there."

a new logo, which is a "banig weave that forms the map of the Philippines. It's very colorful, very graphic, sa biglang tingin [at first glance], it's a pixelized version of the map. It has that very modern feel also,"
The campaign, simple, yet, I think, encapsulizes what this administration is all about---a people-oriented one. 

The campaign logo was launched the same time. 

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