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President Fidel V. Ramos Scandals

The controversies & Scandals of former President Fidel V. Ramos

This is a very interesting read mostly taken from Wikipedia. Do your own research because there seems to be a lot more to be uncovered.

Clark Centennial Expo Scandal
Supposedly, one of his notable contributions to the Philippines was the revival of nationalistic spirit by embarking on a massive promotion campaign for the centennial of Philippine Independence celebrated on June 12, 1998.

However, charges of alleged massive corruption or misuse of funds blemished the resulting programs and various projects, one of which was the Centennial Expo and Amphitheater at the former Clark Air Base in Angeles City, Pampanga, supposedly Ramos' pet project.

The commemorative projects, particularly those undertaken at the former Clark Air Base, were hounded by illegal electioneering and corruption controversies even years after the Centennial celebrations. A special report by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) showed how the projects relating to the Expo site not only revealed the extravagance and inefficiency of the administration, but also served as convenient vehicle to effect election fund-raising for the LAKAS political party of Ramos at the expense of the tax-paying Filipinos and in violation of the Election Code.

The Centennial Expo Pilipino project, intended to be the centerpiece for the celebrations for the 100th anniversary of the country's independence from Spain, also earned extensive criticisms for being an expensive white elephant project that disadvantaged the government at the cost of P9 billion, or 1.7 percent of the country's 1998 national budget.

Six ranking Ramos cabinet members and officials, headed by Chairman Salvador Laurel (former Vice-President) of the Centennial Commission were cleared by the Ombudsman and Sandigan Bayan (People's Court). Ramos appeared before a Congressional Committee in October 1998 to help exonerate said officials of any wrongdoing.

PEA-Amari Scandal
President Fidel Ramos was accused of corruption in the PEA-Amari deal. The controversial deal involved the acquisition of 158 hectares of reclaimed land on Manila Bay that was to be converted into so-called Freedom Islands. The deal was forged in April 1995 as part of the Ramos administration's Manila Bay Master Development Plan (MBMDP).

The PEA-Amari deal – in addition to other projects in Manila Bay - displaced over 3,000 fishing and coastal families in Manila Bay just to give way to what fisherfolk activists from Pambansang Lakas ng Kilusang Mamamalakaya ng Pilipinas (Pamalakaya) described as "an immoral, illegal and grossly unconstitutional state venture".

Ramos denied accusations that the PEA-Amari deal was clinched to benefit members of the ruling Lakas-NUCD as alleged by opposition groups. However, ex- solicitor general Franciso Chavez filed a petition to nullify the PEA-Amari deal because the government stood to lose billions of pesos in the sale of reclaimed lands to Amari.

On April 25, 1995, PEA entered into a joint venture with Amari to develop Freedom Islands and on June 8 of the same year, Ramos okayed deal. On November 29, 1996, then-Senate President Ernesto Maceda delivered a privilege speech assailing the deal as the "grandmother of all scams".

Role in EDSA 2 ouster of President Joseph Estrada
A longstanding criticism of Ramos was whether his role in the Estrada ouster was motivated by his fear of being prosecuted in connection with the Centennial Expo and other scams.

When Estrada was given executive clemency after having been found guilty of plunder by the special Sandiganbayan court in September 2007,

Ramos heavily criticized Arroyo's decision. Estrada's son, Sen. Jinggoy Estrada, retaliated by asking Ramos to first "come clean" on the alleged multi-billion-peso anomalies involved in the PEA-AMARI, IPP and other deals negotiated during his term.

Sold Petron to Aramco
This resulted to the loss of the government's effective leverage on domestic oil prices. Along with the deregulation of the entire oil industry, Petron's privatization is blamed for the continuing surge in oil prices that has particularly proved to be deleterious to the masses amidst the obtaining high petroleum costs in the global market.

Sold National Steel Corporation to the Malaysians
The National Steel Corporation was Philippine-owned and the biggest steel mill in Asia at that time. The steel mill was located in Iligan City.

Wikileaks Exposé
On August 30, 2011, Wikileaks exposed reports sent by the United States Embassy in Manila that contain detail that the Libyan government under Muammar Gaddafi allegedly contributed USD 20,000 to the presidential campaign of Ramos in 1992.

The report said it was former House Speaker Jose de Venecia who brought Ramos to Gaddafi. Reports said that Ramos and De Venecia "had been engaged in shady dealings in both Libya and Iraq involving construction contracts for his firm, and had tried to "repay" his Libyan benefactors by acting as their front man and errand boy." The same report added that there was a lot of speculation when Ramos and De Venecia left for a secret trip abroad in middle of the 1992 campaign, and implied that this connection with the Libyan government was one of the objectives.

Section 95 of the Philippines' Omnibus Election Code enumerates prohibited sources of political contributions and one of them is " Foreigners and foreign corporations."

In addition, "It shall be unlawful for any person to solicit or receive any contribution from any of the persons or entities enumerated herein," the Code said. Sec. 81 of the Code also states,"It shall be unlawful for any foreigner, whether judicial or natural person, to aid any candidate or political party, directly or indirectly, or take part in or influence in any manner any election, or to contribute or make any expenditure in connection with any election campaign or partisan political activity."

The Wikileaks exposé makes Ramos administratively and criminally liable under the law. If charged and convicted for this offense, he can be fined and imprisoned.

Monday, September 19, 2016


She won a seat in the Senate and promised to insist on the rule of law;
She headed the Justice Committee to fight for the rule of law and to do justice for all;
She spoke out against the powers that be despite being forewarned to desist therefrom;
She lobbied a verbal grenade on extrajudicial killings covered by media within and without and in response, insults volleyed and thundered from the god of gods himself, echoed by the man on Justice with scales uneven and eyes with no blindfold;
She proceeded with her hearings on EJK and with cries of anguish from witnesses orphaned and widowed, came the hoof steps of international media thundering upon our shores, wailing and gnashing of killings that blighted a once hopeful nation;
While most others cowered in fear, she with a few, ventured further with the EJK hearings and came forth Matobato;
From whose mouth uttered the same senseless murders that the Great Eagle Father boasted during the campaign and which his defeated echo chamber tried hard to extinguish from the senate floor, only to be shamed by a simple answer: "Grade One Lang po ako"!
Despite statements belittling his testimony, and the growing threat of a flow of credibility turning into a tsunami of truth, the Senate, through its wisest member, proceeded to declare the Justice committee vacant.
And so the Senate acquiesced, save with the Fantastic Four, who stood by their confrere, betrayed by one not worthy to be called an ally who could not rise above personal animosity, she lost her chairmanship.
But in the end, she did not waver, nor did she lose this war of nerves. The people will remember this day as the day the
 Think before you speak
Senate lost its cherished independence. And the day that started the ever tightening grip on our civil liberties and democracy as we know it.
We will also remember today as the day that the last man standing in the Senate is a woman.
Her name is Leila de Lima.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Ang Walong Bagong Batas Sa Pilipinas

Sa ilalim ng ating konstitusyon, ang panukalang batas na lumagpas ng 30 araw na hindi napirmahan o tinanggihan ng presidente ay magla-“lapse” na bilang batas na ipatutupad para sa lahat.

Narito ang 8 sa mga pinaka pinag-usapang bagong batas:

1. Republic Act 10883 – Stricter Anti-carnapping Law
Hindi na maaaring mag piyansa ang mga makakasuhan ng Carnapping.  Mas mahabang sintensyang pagkaka-kulong din ang ipapataw sa kanila, mula sa dating 17 taon at 4 na buwan, aabot na ngayon ng 20 hanggang 30 taon.

2. Republic Act 10905 – Mandatory Subtitles
Ang lahat ng mga franchise holders, operators ng mga TV networks at producers ng mga TV shows na maglagay ng subtitles sa kanilang mga programa.  Ito ay para sa kapakanan ng mga manonood mula sa deaf community.

Hindi sakop ng batas na ito ang mga public service announcements na hindi tatagal ng sampung minuto at ang mga programang ipinalalabas sa pagitan ng ala-una hanggang ala-sais ng umaga.

Ang mga hindi susunod sa batas na ito ay pagmumultahin ng hindi bababa sa P50,000 at hindi lalagpas ng P100,000, at maaaring makulong ng mula 6 hanggang 12 buwan.  May posibilidad din na mabawi ang kanilang lisensya para mag operate.

3. Republic Act 10906 – Stronger measures for the Anti-mail-order Bride Law
Ang mga mapapatunayang gumagawa at nag-nenegosyo ng pagpapa-dala ng mga babaeng Filipino sa ibang bansa para mag pakasal sa mga foreign nationals ay ikukulong ng 15 taon at pagmumultahin ng hindi bababa sa P500,000, ngunit hindi lalagpas ng P1 million.  Mas mataas na multa at mas mahigpit na parusa pa para sa mga nakapagpa-alis ng mahigit sa dalawang tao.
Sakop din ng batas pati ang mga taong nakipag sabwatan sa mga ganitong gawain.  Kung ang nagpapatakbo ng mail-order bride business ay dayuhan, sila ay ipapa deport pabalik sa kanilang bansa.

4. Republic Act 10909 – Exact Change
Hindi na maaaring mag bigay ng kendi o mag “thank you” sa mamimili dahil walang panukli.

Maaari nang i-reklamo ang mga establishments na gumagawa ng ganito.  Kailangan na rin mag lagay ng price tag sa mga paninda para makita agad ng mamimili kung magkano ang dapat niyang bayaran.

Narito ang mga multa sa mga mahuhuling lumalabag sa batas na ito:
P500 o 3% ng gross sales para sa unang pag labag.
P5,000 o 5% ng gross sales para sa pangalawang pag labag.
P15,000 o 7% ng gross sales at 3 buwan na suspension ng negosyo sa pangatlong pag labag.
P25,000 na multa at pagpapasara ng negosyo sa pang apat na pag labag.

5. Republic Act 10910 – Longer Prescription for Crimes of Graft and Corruption
Mas pinahaba na ang panahon para mapatawan ng sentensya ang mga makakasuhan ng graft and corruption.  Ang dating 15 taon ay ginawa nang 20 taon.

6. Republic Act 10911 – Anti-age discrimination for employees
Simula August 16, 2016, wala nang diskriminasyon sa edad ng mga naga-apply ng trabaho.  Bawal na din ang hindi pag bigay ng karampatang sweldo, mga oportunidad, promotion, at developmental training dahil lamang sa edad ng empleyado.
Ang mga lalabag sa batas na ito ay pagmumultahin ng hindi bababa sa P50,000 at hindi tataas sa P500,000 at pagkakakulong ng mula 3 buwan hanggang 2 taon.

7. Republic Act 10913 – Anti-distracted Driving Act
Bawal nang mag text, tumawag, o mag surf sa internet gamit ang mobile phone o ano pa mang electronic device habang nagmamaneho ng sasakyan.

Pagmumultahin ng P5,000 hanggang P15,000 ang mga lalabag sa batas na ito; sa pangatlong pagkakataon na mahuli ang driver, masususpinde ang kanyang driver’s license ng 3 buwan.
Sakop ng batas lahat ng uri ng sasakyan, mula bisikleta, motorsiklo, tricycle, pati mga diplomatic at government-owned vehicles.

8. Republic Act 10916 – Mandatory Speed Limiters
Kailangan nang maglagay ng speed limiter ang mga sasakyang pampubliko tulad ng mga bus, taxi, at jeep.  Binibigyan ang mga operators ng 18 buwan para makapagpa lagay nito sa kanilang mga units.

Hindi papayagang ma-rehistro o mabigyan ng prangkisa ang mga sasakyang walang speed limiter at pagmumultahin pa ng P50,000.

Maaari din ma-suspinde ang lisensya ng driver at franchise permit ng operator kapag hindi ito nakapag palagay ng speed limiter pagkaraan ng 18 buwan.

Ang mga mahuhuling pinakiki-alaman ang mga speed limiters sa kanilang sasakyan para makapan-daya ay ikukulong ng 6 hanggang 36 buwan at pagmumultahin ng P30,000.

Ignorance of the law excuses no one.  Responsibilidad ng bawat Pilipino na alamin kung ano ang mga bawal para maka iwas sa problem

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Seismic Accelerograph

IMV Philippines
There will be a devastating Earthquake to hit the Philippines. According to a JICA Study, there will be more than 40,000 casualties, more than 200,000 injured victims, more than 100,000 buildings and structures will be damaged and billions of pesos will be lost.

It is not an issue of "if", but "when". The question is, if you are ready for this. The Philippines is a highly seismic country.

Our economic welfare is concentrated in very few highly populated areas. We experience more than 10,000 earthquakes every year. Most earthquakes are very small and do not impact us at all. But now and then there are big ones, and then every number of years there are really devastating earthquakes.. We expect a major quake will hit our beautiful country sometime in the next 10 years. In order to reduce the loss of life and protect our economic investments during an earthquake, it is essential to install advanced stand-alone warning systems.

People freeze during an earthquake. They cannot take quick and essential decisions. They panic. Taking control or command is hard, if not, impossible. Immediate intervention and action is vital to prevent secondary disasters. With real-time warning systems we can automatically stop critical equipment, guide people for safety and inform public about the situation.

There is an available technology to provide you with these solutions. Ask us to learn more about IMV JPN-1052 Seismic Accelerograph

JPN-1052 Seismic Accelerograph continuously monitors and records ground movement. It has a Tri-Axial Servo-Type Sensor, the most advanced, most precise and most reliable sensor available in the market. The machine gives out and records real time Ground Movement Acceleration values in units of Gal, real time Modified Mercalli Seismic Intensity and SI Value - Velocity Response Spectrum.

Measuring invisible vibration. Most vibrations can't be seen by the human eye. IMV develops our own sensors to continuously measure and monitor vibrations and movements to safeguard structures, equipment, assets, investments and most importantly - people.  

The machine provides immediate alarm annunciation to ensure that the building occupants can be moved to safety, it is used to set off alarms at specifed ground movement levels.

The use of this equipment eliminates unnecessary evacuation during earthquake events. It also assures people that the structure is safe and there is no need to panic. 

The 10-output alarm and shut off feature can be utilized to achieve an ultra efficient and highly advanced building management. Each channel can be adjusted to have its own preset acceleration level which can trigger automatic switch off for utilities such as elevators, LPG lines, electricity ines, water lines, automatic doors, airconditioning cooling towers, etc, to prevent secondary disasters as well as take care of of your important and sensitive equipment.

The seismic monitor can also be connected to the building's BMS and FDAS. The machine can also activate pre-recorded voice commands to guide and assure tenants during emergency situations utilizing the building's Public Announcement System.

JPN-1052 Seismic Accelerograph continuously monitors and records all ground movement in relation to the structural integrity of a building, thus giving you essential, specific and actual data which a designated professional can use in his/her analysis and evaluation of the structure after any earthquake or ground movement event.

This provides faster evaluations to allow quicker decisions by stakeholders and persons-in-charge after major earthquake events.
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