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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Katrina Halili pregnant by Kris Lawrence

She first learned that she’s pregnant in February. Katrina said Kris was very happy with the news but at the same time felt so useless because the actress didn’t wanna see him while she was “naglilihi.” She only wanted to cook all day and luckily never experienced the normal nausea and vomiting that other women experience during the first few months of pregnancy.

Despite the reports that the two have separated ways after Katrina got involved in the Hayden Kho scandal back in 2009, the sexy actress revealed in an interview with Ricky Lo that Kris has always been there for her.

It was in 2008 when Katrina and Kris went public with their relationship. The R&B singer even formally introduced Katrina to his family during a short vacation in the US in 2009. That same year, however, they broke up when Katrina got involved in the much talked about scandal.

But despite confirming the breakup, Kris still talked fondly of Katrina back then. He even admitted that they almost got married before they broke up in 2009.

During the interview with Ricky Lo, Katrina admitted that while she and Kris indeed separated for a short while, they decided to keep their reconciliation private to avoid further controversies.

But are they getting married now that they are again out with their relationship and with an unborn as the fruit of their love?

Hindi pa kami handa,” Katrina told Ricky Lo. They don’t want to rush things just because she became pregnant.

Katrina also said that she indeed asked to be removed from My Beloved because she wanted to take care of herself and the baby she’s conceiving. The production, though, wouldn’t allow her because they need her for the character. It’s just okay for her to stay, though, but she doesn’t wanna be staying up late.

Good thing her character in My Beloved is also pregnant so her tummy won’t be a problem even if gets bigger as the days go by.

The singer has said he will take full responsibility for Halili and the unborn child, although not walking down the aisle to get married anytime soon as they are reportedly “not ready yet”. They had broken up in 2009 after they had been together a year in may 2011 however Katrina did deny they were an item yet attacked Kris for being out with another woman. September 2011 Kris was also asked the same question and denied they were back together and stressed they were nothing more than friends. But did however reveal they were looking at getting married in 2009 before the breakup. Looks like recent events have shown that they are more than just good friends!

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