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Friday, May 4, 2012

Father Kevin Lee and wife Josephina

The Australian priest claimed that there are many others like him and that he pitied those “sacrificing” priests around the world who are denying themselves a relationship.

Double life: Father Kevin Lee has surprised his congregation by revealing that he has been married for a year despite having taken a vow of celibacy A Catholic priest has stunned his congregation by admitting he has been secretly married for a year. Father Kevin Lee claims he is lifting the lid on a widespread phenomenon among clergymen across the world, and insists: 'There are more like me'. Despite all priests having to take a vow of celibacy, Australian Fr Lee has been living a double life with his wife Josephina.

He told Australia's 7News: 'So I've fallen in love and I've got married and it's outside of most people's awareness, but I'm sure people within the church could have had a suspicion.' Following his televised revelations - and his plans to expand on them in a forthcoming book - he has been removed from his position and has since been excommunicated. Fr Lee, a priest for 20 years, said he made little effort to keep his relationship under wraps after he met Josephina in the Philippines and married her in secret. He said: 'People in the hierarchy probably knew or were prepared to turn a blind eye.'

he head of the diocese, Bishop Anthony Fisher, denied Lee's claim that most priests live double lives and that the hierarchy knew of his marriage.

Secret: Fr Lee, a priest for 20 years, said he made little effort to keep his relationship under wraps after he met Josephina in the Philippines and married her in secret

But it is with the public's views, rather than those of the church, that Fr Lee's concerns lie.
The priest explained: 'That's one of the reasons that's motivated me to make public my admission that I'm one of those people who's been a pretender: To draw to the attention of the public that there are more like me, in fact most of them.'

He said the pretence of celibacy also helps paedophile priests remain undetected, and hopes his coming clean will help stop the church 'systematically covering up generational abuse'.
Revelation: Father Lee's wife Josephina who he married a year ago. The priest said the pretence of celibacy helps paedophile priests remain undetected

Fr Lee said his announcement would come as a shock to many of his parishioners in Glenmore Park, Sydney.

But he was determined that his fellow priests should not have to sacrifice the chance to have a relationship and is calling for the Catholic church to do away with the requirement for celibacy.

The head of the local diocese, Bishop Anthony Fisher, denied that double lives are common among the Catholic clergy.

He said: 'As Father Kevin is aware, by his actions he can no longer operate as a priest and as a result I will immediately be appointing an administrator to Padre Pio parish.'

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  1. Hi all, I am an Australian Priest with a love for the Philippines and would like to say something about Fr Kevin. I have met him and his brother, a dedicated priest, and also his dear parents. Many years ago, Fr Kevin fell in love and declared his love, and promised to be true. That happened when he was ordained, and his love was for the Bride of Christ. He was sharing in the unsurpassed Romance of Jesus. Fr Kevin's parishioners loved him because they sensed that he loved them all, equally, that he was there for them all. But then something changed. He had, by his own admission, several girlfriends, then he went to the Philippines and pretended not to be a priest, deceiving Josephina till she had fallen in love with him. He did not just fall in love, he went hunting. Now his parishioners know that he puts them second. This is no more romantic than a husband leaving his wife. He has also given Filippinas a bad name as people who are prepared to marry anyone, divorcees or priests. This is so unfair, and his attempts to blame others don't hide his fault. Please pray for Josephina that she will come back to God and leave a man who has proved he is a cheater. Please pray for Fr Kevin that he will remember his first love.


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